[Java] Spring proxies, extension to "Methods should not call same-class methods with incompatible @Transactional" rule

Currently in set of standard sonar rules (SonarQube 7.7) there is a rule “Methods should not call same-class methods with incompatible “@Transactional” values” which checks if “@Transactional” methods are used in proper way - invoked in a way which allows to apply Spring Proxy. In project which i’m working on, we have define our own annotations which are also working based on Spring proxy. Their purpose is eg, Caching, Permission checks, some business validation. And i assume that this is an often case that in project, people create their own annotations and use them as aspects (with help of Spring Proxy)

So the question arise, is it possible to extend mentioned rule in a way that set of affected annotations is configurable. So the rule can be applied only on methods annotated with @Transactional, but also on other preconfigured ones