java:S6916 suggests using guard clauses for cases with constants

  • Language: Java
  • Rule: java:S6916 “Use when instead of a single if inside a pattern match body”
  • Running SonarLint SonarLint under eclipse 2024-03 (4.31)

The rule marks the contents of case CONSTANT_A below as non-compliant, suggesting replacing the if with a guard clause (“when”).
As per JLS §14.11.1, guard clauses can only be used for case patterns, and not for case constants, thus this is a false positive.

public class Test {
	private static final int CONSTANT_A = 1, CONSTANT_B = 2;
	public static void method(final int toSwitch, final boolean toCheck) {
		switch(toSwitch) {
		case CONSTANT_A -> {
			if(toCheck) // FP raised here
				System.out.println("it's A and true");
		case CONSTANT_B -> {
			if(toCheck) // No warning here, as expected
				System.out.println("it's B and true");
				System.out.println("it's B and false");
		default -> System.out.println("it's neither");

Hello @ivaniesta14 ,

Thank you for the report. Indeed, this is an issue with the rule implementation. You can track the problem using this ticket and I added a link to your example to the ticket for future reference.