[Java:S2384] Don't complain about unmodifiable collections

If an instance is knowingly unmodifiable, S2384 should not complain when returned in a getter.

Of course it is not always possible to tell, whether the instance is actually unmodifiable. But if done the standard way, it should be reflected.

public class A
    private final List<String> items1 = new ArrayList<>();
    private final List<String> items1Unmod = Collections.unmodifiableList( items1 );
    private List<String> items2 = null;
    private List<String> items2Unmod = null;
    public void addItem1( String item )
        items1.add( item );
    public void addItem2( String item )
        if ( items2 == null )
            items2 = new ArrayList<>();
            items2Unmod = Collections.unmodifiableList( items2 );
        items2.add( item );
    public List< String > getItems1()
        return items1Unmod; // FP
    public List< String > getItems2()
        return items2Unmod; // FP

Hi Marvin,

Thanks for your feedback. Created a ticket.


Hi Margarita,

nice! Thanks.


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