java:S2259 false positive

Template for a good false-positive report, formatted with Markdown:

  • Server Developer-Edition, Scanner is the Gradle Plugin in Version 3.1.1
  • Spring Boot 2.5.2 OauthClient
    public ApiResponse<AccountDto> findMe(OAuth2User principal, String loggedIn)
        if (principal.getAttribute("sub") == null)
            throw new WebApplicationException(Status.UNAUTHORIZED);

        if (!principal.getAttribute("sub").equals(loggedIn))
            throw new WebApplicationException(Status.NOT_ACCEPTABLE);


Just store this in a local variable as it might be modified in the mean time.

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i already did. Just didn’t think about the fact the underlaying map could may be changed (Infact it want, but that is pretty specific to this usecase and spring).

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