[java:S113] Improve description

Qube: Community 9.9

The Java rule S113 has a wrong description. The point about this nice rule is, that all lines consist of the content and a linefeed. And this applies to the very last line a well.

So, if the last linefeed is missing, not an empty line is missing, but the last linefeed.

A line exists, if it ends with a linefeed. If there is a linefeed, but nothing before it, the line is empty. If there is nothing after the last linefeed, there is no line after it, not even an empty line.

Files should contain an empty newline at the end

Files should end with a newline

Some tools work better when files end with an empty line.

Some tools work better when the last line is complete (with a newline).


Hey Marvin,
thanks for the attention you put into our rule descriptions, we are always trying to make them clearer and more educational.

I agree with you on the first point, “Files should end with a newline” is more concise and also more conceptually correct I think.

As for the second, I think it would be better to be coherent with the form used in the former, with something like:
“Some tools work better when files end with a newline”

What do you think?

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Yey, sure. That sounds better.

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