java:S107 Methods should not have too many parameters - make the rule more configurable

We are using currently
SonarQube Server
Java Sonar Plugin 6.3 (build 21585)

Some of our developer complain, that there are false-positives with the rule java:S107 in some cases:

  1. Using JAX-RS API interface classes. As there are some API endpoints which need more than 7 url params, these methods annotated with “” raise a Sonar issue although they cannot be changed

  2. Using Spring Bean constructor injection with @Autowired, which in some cases causes constructors with many parameters, which should not raise an issue.

  3. Using CDI constructor injection with @Inject. Same as above

I’d suggest to add the following annotations to the white list of the rule:

And I think it would be great to change the rule so that a sonar admin can add Annotation FQN’s to the white listet annotations.

Hi @tschindler,

Thank you for the suggestion. This makes sense to me, so I’ve created a ticket.


Thank you @SebastianHungerecker!

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