Java java:S101 for ListResourceBundle

Dear Sonar team,
For a class extending ressource list bundle, it is expected to have the folowing class naming format:
name underscore locale ISO 639

Sonar trigger an issue doing that, ex

public class EulaContent_en extends ListResourceBundle results in Rename this class name to match the regular expression ‘[1][a-zA-Z0-9]*$’

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Hey there.

Thanks for the feedback.

Please take a look at this post:

And provide some additional details – like what products/versions you’re using, and a code reproducer.

Hi, the Sonarqube version is community 9.5

A reproducible code is:

import java.util.ListResourceBundle;

public class Test_en extends ListResourceBundle {

    protected Object[][] getContents() {
        return new Object[0][];

The expected naming can be found here ListResourceBundle (Java Platform SE 8 )

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Hi @Colin , do you need additional information to progress on that topic?

Thank you

Hi @Colin any news?

Thank you.

Hey @yildiz-online ,

Thank you for your patience, it seems we forgot to get back to you about this one.
This is a fair point, classes extending ResourceBundle are expected to contain underscores in their name to identify locales. Not handling this leads to raising False-Positives (FPs).

I created the following thicket to handle it: SONARJAVA-4405


Thank you for the feedback but this seems not be solved at all (btw no idea who put this topic in solved, but from my point of view it should be up to the author to do that, or at least, only when a positive feedback is received from the author).

This is from a scan with 9.9 docker image,