Java 11 support extension needed for Sonar cloud

Hi Team,

This is regarding the Java 11 deprecation in sonar cloud. From 15th Jan 2024 onwards, sonar cloud has stopped supporting for Java 11. And the workaround (sonar.scanner.force-deprecated-java-version=true) also only applicable until 28th Jan 2024.
Our project is in a transition from legacy code to new code. Legacy code is working on Java 11. Can we please get around 5 months extension for Java 11 support on Sonar cloud, until we complete the migration?

I would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the community!

You can build with whatever version of Java you need to as long as you analyze with Java 17.

Alternately, you can use Java 17 throughout and compile down to Java 11. Look at the target option for your build technology.