JaCoCo XML: Breaking the Logjam

Like many users. I am impacted by the issues described in Jacoco XML format cannot work as good as the binary format for multi-module maven. This topic has been closed even though the problem has not been resolved.

The topic did receive good involvment from Sonarsourcers and this led to:

We will discuss about this with the JaCoCo team:

with a link to JaCoCo issue 974 and the offer of a PR submission to allow JaCoCo do what we need it to do.

This got nowhere. The response was:

I think this has nothing to do with this issue.

I would like to suggest that someone at Sonarsource create a new JaCoCo issue (one in which no-one can make the same argument quoted above), and go ahead and submit the (previously offered) PR as a resolution to this new issue. As per the topic title, please let’s break the logjam.