JaCoCo support for SonarQube 8.6

We are migrating from SonarQube CE 8.1 to SonarQube CE 8.6, every plugin seems to be fine except for JaCoCo which is not supported from 8.5 onward. I can’t understand if it is not supported because it has been merged into Sonar (such as the svn/git plugin) or if is just lagging behind end if it will even be updated in the future.

Any ideas? If the plugin is dead, is there a suitable alternative?

Jacoco plugin is working, but it can only import jacoco xml reports, not the old binary format. That could be a problem if you have maven multi module projects where you first need to aggregate all jacoco reports.

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Hello @fabio.c,

@reitzmichnicht is right, and this guide probably contains information you might be interested in.