Jacoco Coverage Report for multi module gradle project not visible for Sonar

Hi everyone,

I have the issue with coverage in sonarcloud for multi module gardle project.
For aggregating report I use ‘jacoco-report-aggregation’ plugin.
After build I’ve received jacoco coverage report that coverage all modules but sonar don’t see it.

The project structure is follow:

  • module A
  • module B
  • module-tests (aggregated coverage report)
plugins {
  id "org.sonarqube" version ""
  id 'jacoco-report-aggregation'
  id 'jacoco'

sonarqube {
  properties {
      property 'sonar.core.codeCoveragePlugin', 'jacoco'
      property "sonar.coverage.jacoco.xmlReportPaths", "build/reports/jacoco/testCodeCoverageReport/testCodeCoverageReport.xml"

reporting {
  reports {
      testCodeCoverageReport(JacocoCoverageReport) {
          testType = TestSuiteType.UNIT_TEST
tasks.named('check') {
  dependsOn tasks.named('testCodeCoverageReport', JacocoReport)

Hey there.

What do the logs say about importing code coverage?