It is possible to bind projects to regular folders?(Not Multi Root Workspace Folders)

My question is really what I posted on the title, It is possible to bind projects to regular folders? (Not Multi Root Workspace Folders). I’m having trouble finding examples

I work with a monorepo solution and there are way too many projects to add them to the workspace root. I’d like to know if it is possible to do it and how.
I would really like to use the connected mode in my monorepo IDE because right now I have to manage the sync between the local rules used to developers and the remote version.

Hello @crodrigues, welcome to the :sonar: Community, and thank you for your question!

As far as I can tell, currently, this is not possible :frowning: SonarLint only supports binding to workspace folders. Maybe, as a simpler way to add folders to the workspace, Drag and Drop could help? i.e. As explained in the VSCode docs, open the workspace in one window, and the multi-sub-folder folder in another one; Select all the sub-folders you want in the workspace and drag them to the workspace window.

I know it is not the best solution but hopefully, it can help for now. :adhesive_bandage:

All the best,