Issue with sonar cloud action in github

I have a simple csproject in .net framework hosted over github. I need analysis to be performed by sonar cloud which actually is not happening can you help me out with it.
The project can be accessed via

The problem it shows in the steps are
WARN: Your project contains C# files which cannot be analyzed with the scanner you are using. To analyze C# or VB.NET, you must use the Scanner for MSBuild 4.x, see

Hey there.

When you create a project in SonarCloud, there’s a nice tutorial that explains how to use Github actions with .NET projects.

Have you followed this tutorial?

Not sure which tutorial it is would be great if it can be provided, but have followed some of other tutorials and the end result is that the analysis is failing as the yml file is majorly for .net core app and for .net framework based project.

You can find the tutorial when you create a new project in SonarCloud!

Oh yes that one I had followed but no luck… that is why I placed the link to the repository in earlier post. Please note the project I am talking about is C# based .net framework based

I don’t see a .github/workflows/build.yml flie in any of your commits, or anything that looks like what the tutorial lays out. Did you specifically choose .NET in the tutorial options?

It is not really using the GitHub action (because the action itself doesn’t support .NET projects), but the tutorial provided when you create a new project is appropriate for getting analysis up and running.

The file is named

it is not mandate to have build name only I guess
Secondly the action is getting executed on the push, but the steps is failing as this action is not supporting .net framework files, hence I need your support to know how to utilize github action to do code analysis on C# code, which is not specific to .netcore and find the issues. You can refer to branch named feature in the repository for the same

I’ve pointed to the tutorial you need to look at a few times, but it doesn’t seem that you’ve followed it. Can you please try following the instructions there?

The Github action (sonarsource/sonarcloud-github-action@master) is not going to support analyzing C# files. However, the tutorial should get where you need to be (compiling and analyzing the code).