Issue with aria hidden for input type hidden

sonar cloud is giving this below error, saying that aria-hidden must not be set for focusable element. but there is no aria-hidden tag, it’s just an input type hidden.
File type: HTML
Key: westpharmaceutical
Rule details: Web:S6825
Tags: accessibility
code : <input type=“hidden” id=“amexcardnotallowedtitle” value=“Translate.Text(“lblamexcardnotallowedtitle”)” />

I’ve moved your post to the section on reporting false-positives.

Can you check this post and update your original thread?

Ive got the same issue. Any solutions

Hey @Suhail_Chuthomnandy and @icealec

It seems I overlooked an existing ticket for this issue, SONARHTML-219. I’ve linked this thread to that ticket.

For now you can mark these issues as false-positive, or disable the rule in your Quality Profile if it’s too noisy.