Issue Resolution Changing


We are using SonarQube Community Edition 8.2 with all up to date plugins. We are seeing strange behaviour around the history of issues whereby the platform is changing the resolution of an issue from OPEN to CLOSED and CLOSED to OPEN on every analysis, even though the code has not changed and the commitID is the same. Analysis is triggered from the commandline by running the msbuild scanner.

Here is an example:

This problem may have been going on for some time as we have often seen old issues reflagged.

Many thanks for any suggestions you may have.


Interesting to hear that you run analysis with the MSBulid scanner when those are definitely issues raisied on Java code by checkstyle/sonar-checkstyle. :thinking:

Does this happen on all issues, or just some? If I had to guess – since these are issues coming from the Checkstyle plugin, maybe Checkstyle isn’t successfully running on every build. You might need to raise an issue with the plugin maintainer.

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the response. My mistake… indeed that is the maven scanner. Duoh.

It seems to happen across the board. I will dig up some more examples.

Is there the possibility that one faulting plugin can affect other results?