Issue during analysed / Metric with key 'SMELL_DEBT' does not exist


I have an issue during my Sonar analyse and I dont know how search for more detail than the log to figure out how solve a constant error stack.

2020.03.27 15:05:49 ERROR ce[AXEchxojs9F_Sst69CdM][o.s.c.t.CeWorkerImpl] Failed to execute task AXEchxojs9F_Sst69CdM
org.sonar.ce.task.projectanalysis.component.VisitException: Visit of Component {key=com.cegedim.lib:next-serviceeligibility-core-model_java,type=PROJECT} failed

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Metric with key ‘SMELL_DEBT’ does not exist

If anyone could tell me where to look for ?



Sorry I juste found out. It’s related to an old plugin : qualinsight-sonarqube-smell-plugin

Im my project I don’t have qualinsight-sonarqube-smell-plugin. I added the newest version from maven repository (4.0) and it still not work. What I should do?