Is there's any way to auto configure the sonarqube pull request decoration

I’m currently using sonarqube, I have added an ALM integration , but I want to auto select the ALM when creating a new project.
I’m using gradle to do sonar-analysis.

Can someone please help.

Hi @abhishektaneja,

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Do you mean that you want that Configuration name and Repository identifier properties in the SQ project are automatically set upped when you create a project ?

If yes, this is possible in some cases, can you precise what ALM you are using (Bitbucket Server, GitHub, …) and which edition of SQ you are using?



Thanks for your reply,

Yes this is exactly what I want.
I’m using bitbucket ALM.
Edition is Developer edition.

Hi @abhishektaneja,

In your case, it should be possible to create your project by selecting a Bitbucket repository like this :
And the properties will be set-upped automatically. You’ll just have to launch your PR analysis and your PR should get decorated.

Could you try it and come back to us if you have any trouble ?


Hi @aurelie,
I tried this option as well, but I can’t find my repo, because it’s only loading a first page it seems. I tried to use my filter but that doesn;t work too.

Also, one thing I wanna mention is that I’m trying to create subprojects in my 1 git repo as multiple projects in sonar.

May I ask how many BitBucketServer projects & repositories do you have ?
Also, please note that the search only works when you type the first letters of your repository.

Please note that this case is not well supported in SQ right now, and if you create several SQ projects for your 1 git repo, you’ll be able to “bind” only one SQ project, you will have to create the other projects manually, and set up the PR decoration properties manually.
This is a case that we plan to improve this year.


Thank you :slight_smile: this answers my question.
for now , I’ll manually setup the config for each subproject in sonar.
Thanks a lot for your reply.

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I’m using SonarQube Developer Edition - Version 8.3.1 (build 34397) and Azure DevOps.
I would like to set Pull Request Decoration Configuration name automatically. Can I do it (via api or SQ properties)?

I found you can indeed set it using api: api/alm_settings/set_azure_binding.
But my question about scanner properties stands.

Hi @lucask,

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May I suggest you to create a new topic for your question and detail your set up (ALM where you store your code + the CI you are using).


I have the same issue with @Abhishek.
I’m currently using sonarqube Developer Edition, Version 8.6.1, I have added ALM integration with bitbucket server, but I want to configure pull request decoration for each project automatically. Is there an API to automatically do this.

Can someone help.


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