Is there project import/export option in sonarqube web console


Is there any project import/export option in sonarqube web console.
Recently i have installed version 8.3, but the import option not shown on sonarqube web console.
Please help me on this, where to find out that and how will we import project manually.

Thank you,
Chiranjeevi Kunchala


this feature is available for Enterprise edition and above.


Hi Gilbert Rebhan,

Thank you for shared info.

Chiranjeevi Kunchala

The document you shared said that the source can be community edition or higher. Only the target must be the enterprise edition.

Can you please clarify your statement

That’s correct.

… or higher and contain all of the plugins with the same versions as the source instance.

Beside that, there are more requirements, the documentation has all the details.

The target instance can have additional plugins and languages that aren’t in the source instance, but not the other way around. If your source instance has plugins that aren’t in your target instance, either remove them and reanalyze your project or add them to your target instance.

Both source and target instances must have:

  • The exact same SonarQube version.
  • The same custom metrics.
  • The same custom rules.