Is there any Java Library to work with SonarQube REST API?

I am using SonarQube Community Edition Version 8.0

I want to parse the JSON retrieved from SonarQube REST API and generate reports.
I am using Java to send HTTP request to SonarQube server and get JSON result form SonarQube REST API.
Now I have to create Beans/POJO to hold the information in Java objects parsed from JSON.

Is there any JAR available for the same where I can get POJO/Bean classes?


I don’t believe there are.


We don’t have a public implementation. We recommend you create your own implementation to consume the JSON responses.
Internally we use protobuf stubs. Add “.protobuf” to the endpoint, like api/issues/search.protobuf to get the response in that format. The internal implementation is here. Note that this can change at any time.