Is there a way to skip code coverage requirement for a specific pull request

Currently our PR’s will be blocked if the code coverage is below 80%.
Just as with issues, we can mark them as “won’t fix”, or “false positive”, is there a way to do this with code coverage reporting from sonarqube.

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Version 9.4 (build 54424)



There’s not a way to do this. Could you explain a little more about your use case? Why can’t you simply ignore the failing QG and merge anyway?


I guess the context is that we are considering blocking merging till all the sonarqube issues are resolved. e.g. with code smells you could mark them as won’t fix, or false positive, and this can stop the quality profile from failing, but not so with code coverage

Okay, thanks for the explanation. I’m going to move this to the New features category.