Is SwiftUI supported?

Do you support SwiftUI and Combine?

SonarCloud is failing on parsing perfectly valid code. Below is the error. It is basically failing when it encounters the character ‘$’, which is a valid syntax.

ERROR: String is not parsed (file xxxx.swift, line 24)
23: .onAppear(perform: loadData)
24: .sheet(isPresented: $service.hasError) {
25: xxxxxxx
26: }

@Lena can you please elaborate on what you mean by “rules”?

Hi @hafezs,

In terms of parsing indeed SwiftUI is supported. If you are talking about rules specific to Swift UI, then no, we don’t have such rules, still generic Swift rules will be executed.

Good point! Looks like we didn’t notice this proposal introduced new identifiers starting with $.

Here is a ticket to fix this

Do you have other parsing erorrs?