Is sonarqube dead?

I reported a bug last year. It was apparently “fixed” but there hasn’t been a new release of the gradle plugin since Nov.

Correction: Since June last year.

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…no, SonarQube is not dead.

Can you give us a little more context, such as what the bug you reported was?


The fix for the referenced bug was included in SonarQube v9.2. The latest version of SonarQube is v9.4.

You can be sure SonarQube isn’t dead by tracking What’s New In SonarQube :wink:

I’m using gradle. That hasn’t been updated in close to a year. It doesn’t let you specify which version of sonar qube to run, so it’s still on an old version.


The SonarScanner for Gradle wasn’t updated because it isn’t the affected component. They fixed the sonar-kotlin plugin, which is bundled with SonarQube server.

The Gradle plugin itself doesn’t “know” how to analyze any language by itself. It downloads the language plugins from your server (defined in the property, check the docs for more info) and then executes the analysis.

Please check the version of your SonarQube server.

We are using SonarCloud

Any idea how we can get SonarCloud to use a newer version?

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SonarCloud is already using a version of the Kotlin analyzer that includes a fix for SONARKT-172, so I reckon that your specific flavor of this issue wasn’t fixed.

I’ve gone ahead and reopened your original thread if you’re like to continue the conversation there.