Is it possible to update build wrapper only but not the whole sonarqube?

Hey everyone. We are using SonarQube LTS Enterprise Edition version 9.9.3 (build 79811) and got trouble with MacOS build wrapper version 6.41.1:

build-wrapper doesn’t support macOS >= 13.

I found that the issue was fixed by this ticket [CPP-3987] - Jira and was introduced as part of SonarQube 10.2 Developer with build wrapper version 6.48 MISRA C++2023, Build-Wrapper for macOS and Valgrind issues import.

Since you don’t have 10.X LST yet I have to ask if you are planning apply the fix for 9.9 LTS or maybe there some way to update just the build wrapper for MacOS or should we stick with provided workaround? Any recommendations are welcome.

Hey there.

The build wrapper is compatible only with the version of SonarQube it ships with.