Is it possible to scan one GitHub branch of a project prior to creation of pull request?

The auto scanner of default branch and pull requests works great and the GitHub App.
But is it possible in the Web UI for a developer to scan a branch before creating an actual pull request?

I have see the VS Code SonarLint plugin:
And Github offers to turn a Pull request into Draft mode.

But are there other options?

Hello and welcome to the community forum!

Indeed the Autoscan feature is setup in a way that it only triggers new scans when a commit is pushed in your master branch or your PR. We don’t make any difference between a normal PR or draft mode, it will trigger an analysis in both cases. And from the UI there is currently no way to trigger or force an analysis of a PR.

I’d say that SonarLint is your best bet to detect issues before you even create your pull request, you should definitely give it a try!