Is it possible to ignore specific error instance

We are scanning different branches of our project (C#) and for some branches, the quality gate fails due to bugs.

I’d like to know - in case we don’t want to fix some of these - is it possible to somehow mark them in the SonarQube UI so they don’t re-appear as bugs on the next scan?

This will “acknowledge” them and make sure they do not show up again.

@liortal53, have you tried using “Resolve as false positive” option for those issues? They won’t pop-up on the later scans for that branch.

Unfortunately i only have the “Confirm” option:


Could you please check the security configuration of sonarqube and verify that you or your group has the right to “administer issues”?


Thanks! i am the admin, i wonder why this was not enabled by default :slight_smile: