Is it possible to configure SonarCloud's session timeout?

It looks like SonarCloud defaults to 24 hrs for session expiration. Is that configurable anywhere?


Hey there.

This is not configurable. Can you explain more about why you’d like to change the default?

Just that I’ve heard from some of our users that signing in daily is a little annoying. If it’s not configurable, that’s fine, I’ll let them know.

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I agree the default session timeout now is pretty annoying.

Typical use case: we’re working in the GitHub, in a private repository, checking out some pull request’s Sonar results, click to load the remarks and we see this confusing page (especially after the weekends):

  1. It’s frustrating because GitHub has much longer session timeouts
  2. The error page itself is a little bit confusing (left bottom popup says that the project doesn’t exist, while center block indicates 2 possible reasons of the issue, 1 of which is true)

It would be really great to have the session timeout configurable or at least bigger (to cover typical “weekend - no sonarcloud usage” cases.

Thanks for your insight, we really appreciate you took the time to share it. In this case we don’t have any plans to address this on our current roadmap, but if we find evidence that it’s a wider problem we’ll look into it further. If this happens we may contact you with an update or ask for some more information. Thanks again.

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We have the same issue with the same use case - we use SonarCloud in github and developers are greeted with that very unfriendly login warning when clicking to view the details of their analysis. Because SonarCloud pushes analysis to the PR and emails us, we check only when there are issues raised. Which means we often don’t login to SonarCloud every day and keep the session active. We would like to increase the timeout to a week.

Yes, agree, very annoying, every day I gotta go through that logic screen when checking results in PRs.

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Hey, logging in every day is annoying. As a developer, I just want to look at the issue and everytime sonarcloud wants me to login.