Is it available in sonarqube sonar.cfamily.cachedir.enabled?

Using this I am able to remove my warning .
“sonar.cfamily.cache.enabled” and “sonar.cfamily.cache.path” properties are deprecated.
Visit the documentation page for more information about analysis cache configuration

Enable the new cache settings


Set the cache directory path


But not able to find any documentation about above one

Hey there.

As noted in the template post, what version of SonarQube are you using?

I was getting this warning WARN:
“sonar.cfamily.cache.enabled” and “sonar.cfamily.cache.path” properties are deprecated.

I think it is in the older version but once I set this sonar.cfamily.cachedir.enabled=true
then the warning is gone. but I need help finding this SonarQube document. and performance does not matter in any version I just wanted to see this property in the SonarQube document.

I am not able to find this one as well "sonar.cfamily.analysis.cache.enabled=true "

Deprecated analysis cache properties
The old analysis properties sonar.cfamily.cache.enabled and sonar.cfamily.cache.path are deprecated and are scheduled for removal in SonarQube 10.0. You should use the new properties instead

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