Invite Guests/Azure DevOps to SonarCloud

(Luis Ruiz Pavon) #1


We have been using SonarQube in Azure for several years and we are planning to move to SonarCloud. We have several questions in order to decide if we’ll move or not:

Can we create guest users in SonarCloud (user/password)?
Can we invite users from another Azure DevOps tenant?

Actually, we create groups for our customers and we create guest users that only can access to their projects, so we need to support this feature in SonarCloud.

Kind regards!

(Fabrice Bellingard) #2

No, this is not possible. Authentication is done only through OAuth.

If your Azure Directory allows to invite users (read, then you will be able to add people to your directory and they will be able to access your organization. Up to you then to make sure that they have the right level of access to the projects.