Invalid build metadata of sonarqube-gradle-plugin in

Hey all, we’re experiencing problems with the sonarqube-gradle-plugin thats in
It seems that the gradle Metadata (.module files) became invalid in the night to the 3. May.
It should contain json, but it contains weird html stuff
This causes that we cant build our applications with this sonarqube plugin anymore.

Has anyone any idea what could have caused this issue and how to fix it? Can we just rebuild the plugin or the metadata?


It seems the .module file was missing from our last release:

So I guess the sonatype repository is somehow misconfigured (or any other proxy in the chain) and cached a kind of 404 page.

We don’t have control on this repository, so maybe you can contact them to fix the metadata. On our side, I think we should be careful to release the .module file in the next release to avoid the same situation.

Thanks, they fixed it in the sonatype repo

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