Intermittent waitForQualityGate timeouts

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  • SonarQube - Version 6.7.4
  • Jenkins Plugin - 2.8

Intermittently the waitForQualityGate() which has a timeout of 10 minutes is timing out although the sonar run is complete within 2 seconds, the json task on /api/ce/task?id= shows it has been successful. There are also no errors in the ce.log, at the time of the post I also see in Jenkins

Sep 13, 2018 5:30:04 PM org.sonarsource.scanner.jenkins.pipeline.SonarQubeWebHook doIndex

INFO: Received POST from

So it seems okay, i do see an error, which is I think when the 10 minutes is up

Sep 13, 2018 5:40:16 PM org.sonarsource.scanner.jenkins.pipeline.SonarQubeWebHook doIndex

WARNING: Invalid payload Jenkins-Crumb=asdada&json=%7B%22Jenkins-Crumb%22%3A+%asdad%22%7D&Submit=Retry+using+POST

net.sf.json.JSONException: A JSONObject text must begin with '{' at character 1 of Jenkins-Crumb=adasd&json=%7B%22Jenkins-Crumb%22%3A+%asda%22%7D&Submit=Retry+using+POST

	at net.sf.json.util.JSONTokener.syntaxError(

	at net.sf.json.JSONObject._fromJSONTokener(


This is likely due to unsuccessful Webhook delivery (webhook from SonarQube to Jenkins), please follow-up here: