Intermittent issue flagged by SonarCloud


I am using SonarCloud with Azure DevOps, I have recently added another project to my organisation and for this project I am getting an intermittent issue, i.e. the issue is flagged in one scan but then “disappears” in a subsequent scan for then re-appear on a later scan again.

The rule being flagged is S5131, so far I can see this happening only in one area of code, and I have not seen any intermittent issues in any other projects I scan with SonarCloud so far (40+ projects), and they all share the same project settings.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to tackle or debug this issue?

Hi @alexvaccaro,

Is the project you are analyzing on SonarCloud public?
Is S5131 raising/not raising on C# code?

Thank you.

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Hi @Pierre-Loup_Tristant , no, the code is private and yes, it’s scanning C# code.


After some private discussions with @alexvaccaro, we were able to identify a case of nondeterminism in our security analysis and implement a fix for it. The fix is now deployed onto SonarCloud and will be part of the next release of SonarQube.

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