Interface Not user friendly and buggy

I noticed several issues in the Enterprise Application, it makes it NOT use friendly…

List of Issues:
1- Looking at alerts, they display 100 items in the left side… if you click on “Show more”… it doesnt work…

2- Clicking on an alert, we cant see the filename… unless you scroll for a while… This makes it tedious if you have to fix hundreds of alerts… you spend all your time scrolling… instead of fixing issues… The interface design poorly uses the space available… file name should be available as soon as you click on an alert

3- The automatic scrolling transition movement…gives you headache… too much movement… useless and too long … if you need to analyze hundreds of alerts… you waist so much time waiting for these silly transitions…

4- Lets say you click on an alert to view the details… We CANT copy/PASTE the highlighted code… if you do… it grabs a bunch of frontend characters… it makes it unsusable… We want to be able to copy/paste the code…in order to find it in our own code base to fix it… isnt it the goal of this tool?.. I

5- When you click on alerts to see the details… it hide the problematic code… so you have to manually scroll up to see the concern… so when you have hundreds of alerts it is a real pain to read what is the alert about… They put the anchor on the explanation of the alert… and not the code it self… very poor user friendly design…

6- They should remove the useless information about the alert details… or put it on the right side… or lower part of the page… right now it is taking so much space… right in the center of the page… we can’t see the problematc code… maybe put a “?” Icon when mouse over you get all the information… because after fixing dozen of the same bug… we dont want to see the explanation all the time… This is not of interest for a developer… the prolematique code matters more… poor UI design again…


Thanks for this valuable feedback. To make sure we’re on the same page, can you specify which version of SonarQube you’re using? If you’re not sure, you can find it in the page footer.

And when you say “alert”, I guess you mean “Issue”?

Specifically, 10.3 added a button to open each issue in the IDE. This assumes you’re using SonarLint, though.

Even without that, the issue header shows you the file name and most of the path, depending on path length, and gives you a copy button to put the file path on your clipboard. Further, you can get the issue line number from the code’s left margin. E.G.

For the other points, we’ll flag them for the UX team.



this is the version of our system:

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Version 10.2.1 (build 78527)
    Yes… when I wrote “alert” I meant “issue”.

Our team is not using sonarLint, I really meant the web browser interface, I still see several places for improvement to your interface in order to make the whole process of analyzing issue more efficient and user friendly.

kind regards,

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Thank you so much for your feedback on the process of analyzing the issues.

As for point nr 1 - your issue may be due to a known bug that was recently fixed (Jira Ticket link). The next time you upgrade your SonarQube instance, you should be able to see the fix. Please let us know if you’re still experiencing this issue.

As for points nr 2-5, we are trying to recreate the problems you are experiencing, but the context is unclear to us, so we may need some help.

Could you please elaborate and provide us with screenshots and/or recordings of the:
- Automatic scrolling transition movement that is bothering you
- What kind of front-end characters are grabbed with the code when you try to copy and paste it?
- Your interaction with the details of the issue - how exactly is the problematic code hidden? Where do you have to scroll manually?

If it’s impossible for you to share recordings or screenshots because of sensitive data, please let us know, and we’ll reach out in a private message.

Point nr 6 is a known topic that we may work on to improve in the future. Would you be willing to be contacted for more feedback when we work on this?

Kind regards,


Hi Ewa,

I just did a screen recording where I explain some behaviour that I personnaly tougher to use… I wanted to attached the video to this email but the video is 400 Mb large… can you provide an email we I could use on We-Transfer, it will be easier to send you the video… I am open to other suggestion if you have other options to propose.

I would be more than happy to connect with your team and explain if you have more questions, we can schedule a meeting.

kind regards,


Hi Corine, thank you for coming back to me!

I am arranging a Google Drive folder so that you can upload the video. Thank you very much for recording it. I will come back to you as soon as I have the link.

As for the meeting, I’m very happy that you are open to it. I’m working on this with my colleagues to arrange it, please bear with me, I will come back with details as soon as possible.

Kind regards,


Hi Ewa,

please take your time, I am not in a rush… and it is awesome if your team is open to update the interface!

have a great day,


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