Integrating SonarQube with Acunetix

Hi everyone,
We are trying to setup a DevSecOps process using SonarQube as SAST and Acunetix as DAST.
Since I couldn’t find anything on the internet, I wanted to ask if there was any way known in order to integrate those two products.

I tried looking at APIs and it seems like Acunetix can sort-of integrate SonarQube and make it run its scans but I dont even know how it would work, I found little informations about it

Could anyone help me out?
Much appreciated

Deployment Versions:
Acunetix MSSP 
We also got Acunetix Online Services (include SCA, AcuMonitor and Malicious Link Detection)    

Deployment Collocation:

Our SonarQube is deployed in a CentOS virtual machine
Our Acunetix is deployed in a CentOS virtual machine


Your best bet is to convert your Acunetix reports into the Generic Issue format, and import them that way.