Integrating developer edition with Community edition

Due to one requirement, Currently we are integrating Developer edition with Community edition.

As per sonar docs, only one quality profile rules are set as default.
But previously we are using Developer edition for Android and sonar applications and using default quality profile.
Community edition used for web apps and using customized quality profile.

Now, we are trying to integrate sonarqube with Jenkins, after successful ran for job in community edition the job got failed. Where as developer edition job got succeeded.

My question is like how to choose quality profile for some jobs in Jenkins.

I tried one api for creating project and choose language and profile.
But I’m getting issues like first it was choosing default one Second time only it choosing mentioned quality profile.

Kindly do the needful.

Hey there.

Quality Profiles should be set server-side – you can’t configure an analysis parameter, for example, to select the Quality Profile.

If you are creating brand new projects on first analysis and need to select non-default Quality Profiles before the first analysis, you would need to first create the project (POST api/projects/create) and then assign the Quality Profile (POST api/qualityprofiles/add_project)

Hi Colin ,
Thanks for your response.
I tried it, and it’s working fine.
I have another question.
How to access sonar db? I read it in docs Every sonarqube has default db. I tried to access that db but I unable to open it.
Can you please help us.

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