Insufficient privileges warning - is it not connected to the server?

Using VS Code with the sonarlint plugin - SonarQube version The project is created on the server and has issues reported, but I don’t see any in VS Code. I “think” it is having problems connecting to the server, but I am using the same token as I did to build the project.

This is the error messages:

Are there any logs on the server that would be useful?

Thanks for any help.

Replying to my own post - I am seeing 403 responses in the access logs:

[05/Dec/2023:02:14:06 -0500] “GET /api/components/tree.protobuf?qualifiers=FIL,UTS&component=ElrondBaseStation&ps=500&p=1 HTTP/1.1” 403 - “-” “SonarLint VSCode 4.1.0” "

Looks like something is not authenticating, but the token is valid (at least I think it is). I do think we useed a different token to build the project, than we are in Sonarlint - is that a problem?

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Please have a look at our beautiful docs :grin:

  • User Tokens are generated by your SonarQube instance. Note that a user token is the only token type that works with Connected Mode. In SonarQube, go to https://<your-sonarqube-url>/account/security/ to generate a new user token.

You do need to use a different token than the one to build the project.

Hope that helps,
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