Installation issue

Folks, sorry for the simple question, but when I am trying to install SONARLINT into my eclipse, I am getting the following:

Unable to read repository at PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Any ideas here? I am running through a proxy at work, and I’m thinking this might be a cert issue.

Also, I tried to go directly to and it also fails with a 404 not found error


If you are behind a corporate proxy, you may have SSL issues. Another option is to download the update site archive:

How to I do the install from the zip file???

The zip file is a valid plugin so follow point 2. (1) here:

Sorry, never mind duh.
I AM however NOT seeing any sort of SONARLINT menu item when I right-click a file. I DO see the SONARCUBE in the preferences, and I can do, on a project level, the Configure --> associate with SonarCube.
I did add our SOnarcube server in the setup, but I don’t see any menu item to kick off the review.
I did restart eclipse (hence have the configure and the preferences added and the SOnarCube Issues, but I don’t see anything. I primarily need this for code coverage for Unit tests as well as critical/blockers…

SonarLint will not help to report code coverage. Use a tool like EclEmma for that (for Java code).

SonarLint analysis will automatically start when you open a source file. Look at the SonarLint console for more details, and report any specific issue.