Install SonarQube from GitHub

Hi All,

I am new in sonarqube, i am trying to install it using github not sure what is the next steps.

build.gradle HEADER sonar-application sonar-scanner-protocol LICENSE.txt sonar-check-api sonar-shutdowner sonar-core sonar-testing-harness
docs NOTICE.txt sonar-duplications sonar-testing-ldap plugins sonar-markdown sonar-ws
gradle sonar-plugin-api sonar-ws-generator scripts sonar-plugin-api-impl
gradlew server sonar-scanner-engine
gradlew.bat settings.gradle sonar-scanner-engine-shaded

Which one do i need to select to install it?
Kindly help me please.

Hey there.

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Why not checkout our Get Started in 2 Minutes guide rather than trying to clone a technical GitHub repo.