Install Sonar client with embedded JRE on alpine

I am using alpine
When i install Sonar client Linux version during execution i am faced with:
/sonar-scanner- not found

I know it is possible to set sonar to use external JRE but i do not want to.
I do want to use the JRE that is coming with sonar itself, how can i make it work on alpine systems?


Alright, seems installing gcompat made it possible to use sonar-linux on alpine, something you should consider adding to documentation imho

Hello @Denys_Andriyanov ,

Thank you for the feedback on the problem you encountered.

Could you please give us more information about your use case for running the sonar-scanner on Alpine Linux?
Is it the main OS of the machine you are working on or are you trying to run the sonar-scanner in a docker container? Did you consider using sonar-scanner-cli-docker ?