[Info] Gradle 7.5 changes: mustRunAfter constraints no longer violated by finalizedBy dependencies

Hi there,

i just stumbled upon something (maybe) interesting in the gradle upgrade notes to 7.5 :

In previous Gradle versions, mustRunAfter constraints between regular tasks and finalizer task dependencies would not be honored.

… i wonder if it might also impact the configuration of sonar-scanner-gradle



In addition … this maybe might have impact on these topics also? (does not have to, i just recalled multiple threads about it, researched the links and thought i put them here, too)

Finally leaving some keywords for search: gradle tasks task dependsOn finalizedBy

Hi Daniel,
Sorry for the very late reply but we are currently doing some work on the gradle plugin.
I don’t think the plugin is impacted since we don’t define finalizedBy constraints. If users define finalizedBy constraints, the order of execution could change with the upgrade to gradle 7.5 but that’s out of our control. In any case thanks for the heads up.

Thank you for your reply, @dmeneses . No need for the sorry, there actually was a question mark in my post but - as i am sure - you, too, understood that the whole post was more of an informational kind.

Good to hear that the plugin itself is not impacted!

Cheers, Daniel

P.S.: Currently i am wondering about two totally out of context things in this post.
a) why does it say “Solved by … in post → #6 <–” when your post was the second visible posting in this thread?! :thinking:
b) why is your reply marked as an answer, at all? Should it not be decided by the thread opener what is a viable answer?

… just wondering, because i see it as a valid answer, too … (oh but - just in case to give you more time to answer - i will remove the answered-flag only for now … i will re-mark as an answer later. maybe as a christmas present? :wink: )

Community Manager here. :slight_smile:

There are sometimes “behind the scenes” discussion/actions between SonarSourcers before responding – or simply notes left for ourself before coming back with a response. It might be interesting feedback for Discourse, which runs this platform.

There’s no internal contest for solved threads, I promise! And, we try and actively discourage internal users from marking their answer as solved, to give the OP more agency and because it triggers the countdown to lock the thread. So… consider this another reminder to SonarSourcers. :slight_smile:

thank you for the transparent explanation, now it makes sense :+1:

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