Indexed with language 'null'

hi , i am using teamciti build, Build is sucessfull but when i check Sonar cube log
indexed with language ‘null’ for every .vb or .aspx.vb file.
can someone please help me ASAP.

That means that the scanner didn’t find an analyzer that can handle that file. You probably don’t have the vbnet analyzer installed in SonarQube or it’s not configured to handle files with those extensions.

Thank you for reply.
i have given below pattern because when build sonar was throwing error both .vb extension are available in VB and VBnet language
i can see the analyzer in log for the language
[Step 2/3] 03:05:33.874 DEBUG: * SonarVB6 (vb)
[Step 2/3] 03:05:33.873 DEBUG: * SonarVB (vbnet)
any idea my pattern is wrong and what should be next step that i should check?

It’s better if you go to SonarQube’s general settings -> Languages -> VB.NET and set the file suffixes.
If you run the scanner with debug logs enabled you should see what patterns are applied.