Incremental analysis by default for C and C++ projects

Hello dear C and C++ users.

We are delighted to announce that C and C++ projects are now going to have incremental analysis by default. This used to be possible with an analysis cache that had to be persisted by the user. It is now all handled on the server-side. No cache to take care of anymore. This will be available with SonarQube version 9.5 starting from Developer Edition. It will come later to SonarCloud and we will announce it in due time.

We also fixed a fair bunch of false positives, false negatives and bugs. All the details are available in the release notes. These improvements will be available on in the next few days and with SonarQube 9.5 starting from Developer Edition.




Excited to hear this! I assume this also applies to us Objective-C folks on macOS/iOS?

Hello @jarbogast !
It indeed applies to Objective-C too.