Incorrect release notes for 7.6 about the multi-module properties removed?

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In you say:

Multi-Module analysis properties removed
Multi-module analysis configuration may need to be changed (MMF-365):

  • When the following inclusion / exclusion types are specified in the analysis properties at project level, they must be relative to the project / analysis root: source files, test files, coverage, and duplications. Paths specified at project level will continue to be re-applied at module level but will raise a warning. This backward-compatibile behavior is considered deprecated and will be dropped in a future version.
  • Specifying source encoding, and issue inclusions / exclusions at module level is no longer supported.

I found 2 problems:

  • The first bullet point misses sonar.issue.ignore.multicriteria and sonar.issue.enforce.multicriteria. Both will raise a warning if the path is not relative to the project root.
  • The second bullet point is OK, but sonar.sourceEncoding does not raise a warning if defined on module level. It is simply ignored, while for the rest, you will see a warning. You might have wanted to warn for this property too? Either way, the current behavior is somewhat confusing, and not documented.

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Thanks for the notification. I’m not sure how we’ll decide to handle your first point, but about your second one

that’s exactly what’s meant by

We no longer recognize it as anything to do with analysis. Even filtering for it to emit a warning would be some sort of “support”. :slight_smile:


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