Inconsistent results between runs

no. please find bellow the build options


  • task: VSBuild@1
    displayName: ‘Build solution SalesLink.sln’
    solution: ‘SalesLink\SalesLink.sln’
    vsVersion: 15.0
    platform: ‘Any CPU’
    configuration: Release

Hi @ghaouim

Can you try adding /p:RunAnalyzersDuringBuild=true to your VSBuild task parameters to see if that changes something ?


we will, as we don’t know what is causing the issue and cannot reproduce it systematically (random) we cannot confirm to you the problem is solved immediately

For sure, let’s go first at your assumption of not seeing each time the relevant SonarQube log for categorization.

are you still trying to understand why we are facing this random issue? I guess it should help to identify the root while giving a try to the workaround proposed.


Have done on two of our pipelines, so will see if that makes a difference.

…and the first build with that flag missed a load of stuff that had been analysed previously :frowning:

(logs sent privately to @Alexandre_Holzhey )

Ironically, for the other pipeline, it found an extra 31 lines of code, even though it was working to the same check in…