Include rule numbers in the rules list in sonar cloud UI

I’m trying to edit the rules of a quality profile for an existing project I’ve imported, and its extremely painful as nothing on the compiler output cross-references anything on the rules list.

e.g. I get the warning:

S2245: Make sure that using this pseudorandom number generator is safe here.

However, on the rules list in the UI when editing the quality profile, it doesn’t show the rule number S2245 until you drill-down into the detail of the rule, and the description of the rule is:

Using pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs) is security-sensitive

I’m having to guess keywords to search on to find which rules to edit. Can you please include the rule number in the list of rules in the UI.

Hey there.

It is possible to just search for the Rule ID.

Does that help?

Thanks, that helps a lot