Importing SonarQube Server rules through eslint plugin!

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    • SonarQube Community Edition Version 8.9.6
  • How can we Import rules from the SonarQube Server which were already set for the project into Eslint? so that the rules would be in sync with the eslint and sonarqube server ?


I’m not aware of a smooth way to do that.

Out of curiosity, why do you want to import SonarQube rules into ESLint? Why not just use SonarQube?


As our repo contains 4.5 lac line of codes, the SonarQube server takes time to perform analysis.
I was wondering is there a better way to analyze issues while development only, I am aware of SonarLint Connected Mode but it will not enforce the set of standards to the developers because some might miss to configure vscode.

Also wondering is there any way to analyze blame files only (personal and develop branch) ? and ran the whole analysis on Master only ?


Thanks for the details. You may be interested to know that in 9.7 Developer Edition($), JavaScript / TypeScript PR analysis is incremental, so only the changed files are reanalyzed. It sounds like maybe this is what you’re looking for…?


Thank You !!

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