Importing external issues on properties files via Maven Java Scan

Hello All,

Need your help here, I am trying to import external issues on .properties/.json resource files in Generic Issue Format during maven scan, but fail to import any, I tried either absolute file path or relative file path.

my external issue json file like below:

  "issues": [
      "severity": "MAJOR",
      "type": "BUG",
      "primaryLocation": {
        "textRange": {
          "startLine": 1,
          "endLine": 1,
          "startColumn": 1,
          "endColumn": 2,
          "lineText": "a=test"
        "message": "text: a",
        "filePath": "src/main/resources/"
      "engineId": "properties",
      "ruleId": "properties-rule"

my mvn scan command:

mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true -B -f pom.xml clean install  sonar:sonar -Dsonar.projectKey=demo-maven -Dsonar.projectName=demo-maven -Dsonar.sourceEncoding=utf-8 -Dsonar.externalIssuesReportPaths=maven_issues.json -X

Scan result shows the files in maven_issues.json are unknown and thus failed to import

Could you help share how we can make the import work in this case?

Thanks a lot in advance

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could someone kindly help please? Thanks!

Hey there.

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You’ll need to make sure the scanner is aware of your src/main/resources directory, which it won’t be by default

For example, having this in your pom.xml file:


Hello @Colin,
Thank you very much for the reply, I was almost giving up to get response, and didn’t releaize it’s because I was making my post off your thread list, nice remind, I now catch it.

Your solution works for me! thanks again~

however I have got a new issue, as I am analyzing a multi-module project for our client, some of their modules in scope is having no resources folder, and mvn sonar scan then reports error

.<moduleA>/src/main/resources does not exist for Maven module A,  Please check the property sonar.sources

Wondering if there is a way to silently skip this error without modifying the source project? because the source project is out of our control

Best Regards

Hello @Colin,
I guess I know how to solve my followed question, that resources not exist error. I reset the sonar.sources value to src/main, then it is ok. thanks again for your help! and I am closing this issue now.

Best Regards

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