Importing/Exporting Customized Rules in SonarQube

Good day!

I have a concern on importing/exporting xml files in the sonarqube.
I am using SonarQube 6.7.6. I did export a back up of my created Quality Profile with the customized rules I created on it. But when my colleague tried to import it to his end, he can’t able to restore the rules I have. Why is it so?
Is it possible to import/export .xml files to one device to another with all the created customized rules restored made on it? If so, in what way?

Hope for a quick response! Thank you!


Hi Phoebe,

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I’m assuming that by “customized rules” you mean rules created from a rule template. Unfortunately, those don’t get included in an export, but have to be re-created manually.


Hi Ann.

Yes, you did assume it correctly. Anyway, I really do appreciate your quick response.

Thank you so much!