Import external T-SQL issues from Microsoft.Rules.Data.*

It would be nice if the Microsoft.Rules.Data.* StaticCode Analysis File (wich is generated from the msbuild of ad MS SQL Server Dacpac Projekt) would be automatically added to the Sonar like the Roslyn Files for C#.

Hi @ArminPrieschl

Thank you for your message.

From what I understand, this is about SQL files?

Yes its for SQL Files.
SSDT is a Project Type for SQL Server Dacpac Projects. ( => And a static code analysis is included. Comparable to the C # Roslyn files, which are already processed automatically by Sonar.

Thanks for confirming, @ArminPrieschl. Do you know in which format the external rules report is stored? Is it using the SARIF format or something else?

Can you create a small sample project where the static code analysis issues are exported in a file, and give us access to it, to examine the format of the file?


For reference: Overview of Extensibility for Database Code Analysis Rules

There are 2 Files in the bin/Release Folder after Building the Project:
[ProjectName]_StaticCodeAnalysisSucceededFile => A SuccessFile for the Analysis
[ProjectName].StaticCodeAnalysis.Results.xml => an XML File with the results