Import ".editorconfig" rules from Visual Studio to SonarQube

<< I’m currently using SonarQube V9.6 >>

I use Visual Studio with SonarLint extension to develop a project and I create some of the C# name formatting rules which are generated and stored within “.editorconfig” file.

However, when I deploy the project into SonarQube, every warning from “.editorconfig” rules are not appearing within the issue panel at all.

So, could some of you please provide me with advice about the actual method to import “.editorconfig” rules from Visual Studio to SonarQube.

Thank you :slight_smile:


This feature isn’t available. You’ll need to configure your rules in a Quality Profile via the UI.


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Thak you for the answer.

By the way, does it mean that besides configuring through the Quality Profile UI, there is no method to import any custom rule from external source into SonarQube at all?


Rules from other Roslyn analysers are imported automatically - there’s some more details on this here. As Ann says you can import .editorconfig formatting rules but it’s an interesting idea that I’ve made a record off and may consider in the future.