I'm able to connect to localhost:9000 from local pc yet can not login

Version: SonarQube-7.4
Goal: Form local pc sign into http://localhost:9000/project as a user or admin

Background: On TFS build server, I was able to set up a vNext build to use SonarQube utility. SonarQube Community Edition was successfully setup. While on the build server I’m able to log into http://localhost:9000/… Using admin and User acct that I setup.

**Issue:**From my personal/local pc I’m able connect to http://localhost:9000/. However, I’m not able to login as Admin or User in order to see current project.

Steps taken:
1: Downloaded SonarQube-7.4 & Java JRE 8 which allowed access to http://localhost:9000.
2: From admin page set “Force user authentication” to true
3: Confirmed Default template is set to Browse
4: Generate token for admin and user

Hey Eddie,

localhost is, well… local. SonarQube is only accessible in that manner on the machine SonarQube is running on. If you’re able to go to localhost:9000 on your personal machine, I’d have to wager you have also set up a SonarQube instance on your local machine. This would explain some authentication issues and why, even if you could login, you wouldn’t see your projects.

Perhaps if you navigate to your build server’s IP address xyz.xyz.xyz.xyz:9000, you’ll see what I mean.

Btw, not best practice to keep your SonarQube instance running on your build machine, a dedicated app server is much better, but let’s focus on the above first.

Gotcha! In short, if users want to see project stats they must navigate to the dedicated instance.

Also, best practice understood, just doing a proof of concept to convince the Justice League to approve upgrades to the Hall of Justice.

Thanks, -Ed

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